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The year 2018 saw a rapid increase with the improvement of our favorite technological gadgets. These best and expensive gadgets always serve as a source of fun and entertainment for us and they are very fantastic and unique and the best for you in 2018.

The focus of this article would shed light on the five best and expensive gadgets in 2018.


1-Wireless Head Phones Sony WH-1000XM2


Firstly, one of the best gadgets in 2018 is the Sony wireless headset, a quality best and expensive gadget in 2018. Hence, this quality wireless Sony product of 2018 has a good wireless system, well-filtered sound system, longer battery life usually close to 30 hours of usage after fully charged and also has a wireless earbud. This version is the WH one thousand XM2 version wireless headset and it stands as one of the best and expensive gadgets of 2018.

2-Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus


Furthermore, the next awesome best and expensive gadget of 2018 is the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus smartphone design. This is currently Samsung’s most and best-selling smartphone. This design has good and quality camera which zooms even two times faster than older smartphone designs, improved hardware system in its ram and storage capacity, it also has a new headphone jack, and advanced display design and improved emojis. The battery life lasts longer and it is water resistant with a good tracking system. Thus this is again another best and expensive gadget in 2018.


3-DELL Laptop XPS 13


In addition to that, the latest smart DELL laptop is a good and expensive gadget in 2018. Thus this is of high quality best and expensive. This version of the DELL laptop is the XPS 13 which has touchscreen features, a weighted design of one thousand kilograms, also it is 13 inches. It is very powerful enough for extra workload and stands as a rival to the latest mac book laptops. Hence it is of premium quality, an upgraded version of the Windows operating system, good configuration settings. This is one of the best and expensive designs of gadgets in 2018.


4-Fitness Tracker FITBIT ALTA HR


Equally important, the unique design fit tracker. It is of a higher quality, very slim and stores battery for up to a week before recharge. This gadget is built such that it tracks every step you take, your heart rate, the calories you use up on a daily basis and measures your sleep time. This quality and expensive tracker outweighs most watches and it is the best technological gadget of 2018. It has a variety of colors and a downside. Making in a best and expensive gadget in 2018.




More to that, another best and great quality gadget in 2018 is the LG smart TV OLED version. This new and expensive gadget has a new shape and design. Further to that, it is 55 inch, good video quality in HD, good contrast and display features. Also, it has Wi-Fi options and touch screen features. It is slim and has a unique operating system for easy usage. Thus one of the best and expensive gadgets in 2018.

Therefore, these are the best five technological and expensive gadgets in 2018 highly recommended for you.


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