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A color with coconut oil and curry leaves is an imaginative formula of Indian individuals. The herb utilized in this formula is extremely indigenous. Curry is a little evergreen tree, whose leaves are frequently utilized in curries. This plant shows up for the most part in tropical and sub-tropical territories, for example, India and Sri Lanka. Now and again, you can hear individuals call it “sweet neem leaves” too. When it consolidates with coconut oil, we have a characteristic color for our hair. Additionally, the blend likewise can reinforce the hair follicles. On the off chance that you are looking a path on the most proficient method to normally obscure your hair, you ought not to avoid this formula.


Curry abandons: a few

Green gram powder

Coconut oil (one cup)


Wash the curry leaves and pound them.

At that point blend the pounded leaves with coconut oil and begin to bubble them up for a couple of minutes.

Expel from the warmth and let it chill off to the room temperature.

Apply the blend on your scalp and delicately rub with your fingertips for thirty minutes before you scrub down.

At long last, wash your hair with green gram powder. On the off chance that you don’t have this cure, you can utilize a mellow cleanser.

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