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Samsung Galaxy S10: The New Design & Features 4.9/5 (10)

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With the advancement in technology and competition in smartphone production, the Samsung Company is at the verge of its new of producing its new smartphone design which is the Samsung Galaxy S10 with outstanding and new features. In this light, the new smartphone company plans on sending this unique and awesome design to the market of Samsung smartphone lovers in the early months of 2019.

To add to that, the smartphone comes in with new features in the brand. Thus, this makes it of high and outstanding quality. Also, the smartphone with its new features comes in various and different screen sizes, a good aspect ratio and fantastic resolutions. So, there is going to be an improved quality of the Samsung galaxy new smartphone.

In the same line of thought, another fantastic new feature of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is its water resistant. In this light, once you are versed with the water resistant feature, you wouldn’t let it go. This is because it has a dust filter and protection, which would give you a lot of comfort and assurance while using the new smartphone.

More to that, the new Samsung Galaxy has an advanced smartphone display feature. One of the most affordable of this smartphone would feature a display of 5.8 alongside; the new design doesn’t have a curved screen as the older versions. Thus making it distinct of the top class of new smartphones.

More so, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a great biometric security feature. Which includes an in screen fingerprint scanner, and a well improved and upgraded 3D face scanner, hence this would work awesomely with the unique all screen design that’s being tipped for the phone and it would outstand other android smartphones brand with similar footsteps with the S10.

Looking at the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S10, there is a new triple lens rear camera on the top end model, a fully functional dual lens front-facing camera, and 16 MP lenses. Thus the Samsung Company is considering a triple lens camera for the new S10 design, accompanied by a 3D sensor for an augmented reality unique content.

In the lights of the hardware and power system of the new Samsung Galaxy S10, it has ram storage of 8GB, 128 GB minimum of internal storage, and a Snapdragon 855 chipset. This new feature makes Samsung galaxy S10 super powerful as compared to other Android smartphones on the same foot and the earlier S9 design. The new design is capable of supporting mass download and faster working speed. The internal storage is also very fast.

Also, the upcoming Samsung galaxy S10 series would come in three variants. The first one is the plan to have about 5 cameras on the back, the next is going to be designed with the 3D ultra sonic scanner, and the other has it mounted on the side. These variants are designed with 5.8, 6.1 and 6.4 inches respectively.

The Samsung galaxy S10 design comes with lithium-ion batteries designed by the Samsung advanced institute of technology which would charge faster and last for long hours of usage.

Above all, the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone with its new features is the best Android smartphone lately.

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