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Sony PlayStation 5 or PS5 Features 4.4/5 (5)

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PS5   is the follow-up edition to the PlayStation 4, though yet to be unveiled, PS5 boasts a host of features top gamers desire on their console.


1-Backward Compatibility


In recent times gamers want to have a feel of the old blending with the new. Backward compatibility feature offers gamers the freedom to access a wide range of games from the old console on the PS5 console. The feature is expected to cut across games from the old consoles giving gamers compatibility and liberty to mix it up. Basically,  PS5 will offer the ability to play PS3 games and games from older PlayStation console. PlayStation Now, an online streaming service will be a feature on the PS5, with the recent increase in demand for online streaming.


2-Processors and CPU


Performance boost has always been a gamer-friendly feature, powerful processors back up the graphics functions allowing for better frame rate. The new PS5 is expected to come with up to date technology regarding the incorporation of upcoming AMD 7nm Navi chips and Ryzen CPU.


3-Improved Resolution


Touted as the new real 4k device, improvements in graphics is a major appeal to gamers in the new console. Textures, upgraded teraflops,  better lighting effects and improvement on other 4K gaming features such as the checkerboard technique, native 4K resolution with 60K per seconds. 4K resolution and its rapidly rising projection in the market, make it necessary basic requirement for PS5, which is expected to offer tremendous visual advancements regarding character models. PS5 features the incorporation of real-time ray tracing capabilities which enable the creation of a most lifelike character.


4-Storage Capacity Upgrade


In recent times we have seen games which require quite a huge chunk of storage space, upwards of 100GB. PS5 is expected to come with a baseline minimum of  1 or 2TB and has high as 8TB.


4-layer Blue ray-discs including 4k blue ray player has been confirmed as upgrades and would contain the biggest games of the previous edition.


5-Taking VR (Virtual Reality) Effect to a new Level


The PlayStation 5 console boasts a VR higher resolution with improved frame rate which bolsters the overall VR experience compared to its predecessor. PS5 is designed to efficiently run a new wireless PlayStation VR 2.


6-The Inclusion of More and Better Games


Nothing beats unveiling a new console with new and exclusive games, with its predecessor we have witnessed the introduction of Zero dawn and Persona 5. The PS5 would not be different with the GTA 6 expected to make its debut on the console. The next-gen console is also expected to debut “STARFIELD” while the likes of Death Stranding 2, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and the Last of Us 2 are both expected to launch on the new flagship console.


7-Excellent Console Design


PS5 is expected to come with a sleek design befitting of its elegance with modifications to previous edition triple layers design and a partly glossy finish. There are speculations regarding the possibilities of a handheld PS5 console.


8-Controller  Redesign


Redesign dynamics of the PS5 controller may result in major changes, paving way for more functionality. There is definitely going to be an upgrade on the controller though it’s all speculation for now.

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