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Why iPhone X is Expensive and XR is Cheaper? 4.73/5 (11)

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Apple is introducing new models every year to compete in the market and also to improve technology to meet the needs of its precious customers. The prices of the smartphone have again been pushed by Apple through the introduction of its new iPhones in the market that is ever more expensive than the previous version. iPhone XR is much cheaper in price as compared to iPhone X and its other versions. In this article, we are going to have a closer look at the specifications of iPhone XR that’s make a perfect choice a cheaper rate.

In order to reach this price, Apple discarded some of its aspects that can reduce the cost of a smartphone. Therefore, iPhone XR has an LCD screen rather than OLED which is offered in iPhone X. However, LCD has lower contrast and colors quality that makes it less rich as compared to other latest models of iPhone X. This is not the only difference in the feature but there is a difference in camera as well. The camera in iPhone XR has a camera in the back which is similar to iPhone 8. Also, 3D Touch is also missing in this model of iPhone. These are some of the features that were needed to degrade in order to make iPhone XR is cheaper.

Here, one thing must be noticed that the XR model is not bad and it has not reduced all the features. There are numerous features that are good and similar to iPhone 8 Plus. A12 Bionic chip inside, FaceID, HDR camera features, good battery life are the major functions of iPhone that are good in Apple iPhone XR. Above all, Apple iPhone XR also has color options that is one of its best features. Moreover, it has a 6.1-inch screen and has got one less camera and these features are very much similar to iPhone 8 Plus. But if XR is compared with 8 Plus model, it has better battery life and more powerful CPU.

While talking about Apple iPhone XR, it is must cheaper in price and affordable alternative that has been offered by Apple. The prices of Apple iPhone Xs Max is $1,100 but with all upgraded features, it reaches a price of $1,450. The upgraded features may include 512GB of storage. But on the other hand, the third version of iPhone which XR is being offered at a very affordable price of $750 which makes it much more desirable amongst masses to buy it as compared to expensive iPhone Xs and Xs Max. However, newer features in iPhone X are newer in nature and therefore this model is expensive than XR. Now it is a choice of the person and ability to buy iPhone that he/she can choose XR or X according to his/her need. Apple has given a wide range of choices to the customers and all of them are offering good features, however, iPhone X and its sibling series are offering a very high level of technology and facilities that are attractive for customers.

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